Spinning prayer wheels at Peyul Tharthang
Lotsawa Translation Workshop Header

Panel #1: Dynamics of Devotion

Moderator: Annabella Pitkin
Panelists: Anne Klein, Lara Braitstein, Holly Gayley, Heidi Nevin, and Andrew Quintman

Panel #2: Reflections on the Translation Process

Moderator: Nancy Lin
Panelists: Lama Jabb, Jules Levinson, Sarah Harding, John Canti, and Dominique Townsend

Breakout Sessions

Participants will have the opportunity to choose breakout groups in advance.

A. Translation Theory & Practice

  1. Criteria for Beauty & Readability - Andrew Schelling & Amelia Hall
  2. Linguistic Hospitality - Dominique Townsend & Lucas Carmichael
  3. Balancing Form and Content - Stephen Gethin & Jann Ronis

B. Stylistic Features of Verse / Textual Collections

  1. Uncontrived Elegance in Tibetan Songs - John Canti & Sarah Harding
  2. Collections of Songs (Mgur 'bum) - Kurtis Schaeffer & Andrew Quintman
  3. Ornamentation shared by Poetry and Song - Gedun Rabsal & Nicole Willock
  4. Textuality & Materiality - James Gentry & Ben Nourse

C. Affect & Allusion

  1. Vocabularies of Longing - Sarah Jacoby & Lara Braitstein
  2. Rasa Theory and Affect - Nancy Lin & Annabella Pitkin
  3. Devotion to the Guru, Loyalty to the Nation - Riga Shakya & Holly Gayley
  4. Gender in Translating Devotional Verse - Padma 'tsho & Jue Liang

Workshop Hosts

Stephen Gethin
Amelia Hall
Sarah Jacoby
Jules Levinson
Gedun Rabsal
Jann Ronis
Nicole Willock