October 5-8, 2018

Application Due April 15, 2018

State your interest in attending the workshop and working on the text you have selected for translation.
List your background in Tibetan language, including years and location of study.
Proposed Translation
Provide the name of the Tibetan text and its complete bibliographic information.
How does this text fit in with the genre of mgur and the theme of Buddhist devotion? We are open to proposed translations in various styles of verse that relate to the dynamics of devotion and the associated range of emotions. (50-100 words)
As a reference, please provide the following info for a mentor, language instructor, or advisor:
Application Deadline
Applications are due by April 15th, 2018 and acceptance letters will be sent out in early May.
There will be limited travel scholarships available. Please check with your home institution (university or translation group) to see if they offer funding opportunities. Otherwise, you can apply for scholarships during the registration process. Registration opens in May.
Translation Due Date
Draft translations and copy of original Tibetan are due as PDFs by August 15. This will give the workshop leaders and participants in small groups of 6-8 time to read each other's translations-in-progress. August 15 is also the date that registration will close.