Sydney S.
Majors: Neuroscience and Psychology • Minor: Leadership Studies
Spring 2021

What's been the best opportunity for you at CU?

The best opportunity in my experience at CU was being a member of the President's Leadership Class. I was able to hold three leadership roles throughout my time in the program and connect with many fantastic students.

How has COVID-19 changed school for you?

I find it very challenging to learn remotely because discussion and interaction are very important components of my ability to effectively learn. However, I'm trying my best to stay positive and engaged.

How has the scholarship helped you?

The BBC scholarship has allowed me to work fewer hours throughout the school year and focus more on my grades and extracurricular activities. I am so grateful for it and all of the opportunities for service and scholarship that it has provided.

What are your future plans?

As a senior, I'm currently in the process of narrowing down my options for a job after graduation. COVID has made this a bit more of a challenge, but it also opens new doors in the realm of healthcare and remote services. I do know that I'm looking for a career that allows critical thinking and a positive impact on the world. I hope to eventually go to graduate school once I have a few years of professional experience.