Santos N.
Major: MCD Biology
Spring 2021

The best opportunity I enjoyed at CU was working at the BioFrontiers Institute as an undergraduate researcher. I enjoy my research project and the full support from my amazing Ph.D. candidate mentor and the entire Leinwand lab. Through my research, I am becoming a better scientist and put to use knowledge from my classes.

The way school was changed by COVID-19 for me was the shift to remote learning. I no longer need to go to campus and, therefore, I have more time on my hands to work on my other goals. The extra time lets me work on my graduate school applications and work on my research twice as much as before COVID-19.

My research job and involvement in the CU community happened because of my financial security through scholarships, especially from the BBC. Instead of worrying about paying for college, I have the extra time and energy to research, volunteer, and excel as a student. BBC is supporting my dream of higher education and soon I will be the first in my family to work towards a Ph.D.