Sandra K.
Major: Biochemistry • Minor: Business and Russian Studies
Spring 2021

The best opportunity for me at CU was the ability to explore so many different areas of studies. I planned my degree as a pre-dental student, and initially just wanted to study biochemistry. However, when I got here I realized how much opportunity there was to study other subjects, which could also be useful towards my career goals, which is how I ended up adding my minors in Russian and business. All of these programs which I’m studying here are really well developed and I think, for that reason, they will be really helpful in my future. 


COVID-19 has changed school for me in a lot of ways, not all of which are necessarily negative. Though I do highly miss the experience of being in a classroom and interacting face to face with my peers, there have been some upsides to this change for me. I found out that I am adaptable to the online learning style, and that it is a bit less time consuming for me to learn this way. Though I fully understand this has not been everyone’s experience, I am thankful for the fact that this extra time has given me the chance to work more, and spend more time on things that I love to do such as painting.

The scholarship has helped alleviate some of my financial burden at this school. As someone who pays for the entirety of my education myself, I feel so thankful for this scholarship and the aid that it has provided for me. It has eased my stress significantly about my financial burden. I also have really loved participating in the buffalo bicycle classic events yearly, I think they’re so much fun and I have made some great memories over the years while volunteering at this event!

My future plans are to go into dentistry.