Juan G. R.
Major: Sociology • Minor: Ethnic Studies
Fall 2024

What is your major/minor?

I am currently a Sociology major with a minor in Ethnic Studies!

When do you anticipate to graduate?

I anticipate to graduate hopefully in 2024 and embark my journey as a graduate student.

What’s been the best opportunity for you at CU?

Being a student at CU Boulder has been a very big privilege for me, being able to pursue a higher education has been the best opportunity for me here at CU. I hope to graduate and contribute positively to our society. I have also made a lot of friends and network connections which has been amazing. I have made long lasting relationships and profession connections throughout campus.

How has COVID-19 changed school for you?

COVID-19 changed school greatly for me. I had to readjust my entire learning style and adapt new learning techniques. It has been very hard as I’m a visual learner and not being in a classroom environment distracts me as it doesn’t feel like school. Not being able to engage with other peers and work together academically was quite challenging, at times, I had to answer my own questions when my resources were unavailable. I hope we’re able to find a solution on how to live safely with the existence of COVID-19  and return back to normality.

How has this scholarship helped you?

This scholarship has provided me the access to attend a four year institution and pursue a higher education. This scholarship helped me afford my tuition and academic books. If it weren’t for this scholarship, I do not know how I would be able to afford my university costs. I have been able to devote more time onto my academics and not worry constantly about my academic finances, this has alleviated a lot of mental stress. This scholarship has helped me reach success, thankfully. Through devoting more time onto my studies, I have seen rewarding grades and outcomes. This scholarship has strengthened my opportunities to continue being a student at CU Boulder allowing me to work hard for my degree in hopes to contribute positively into our world. Thank you for this scholarship, for giving me the opportunity to attend university and showcase my full potential and abilities as a student.

What are your future plans?

As of right now, my priority is graduating and attaining my bachelors degree. I hope to graduate by 2024 and have the privilege of being able to attend Physician School. I would love to attend physician school in hopes to work in the medical field one day and keep expanding my learning.