Fabiola F
Major: Political Science
Spring 2023
What's been the best opportunity for you at CU? The best opportunity for me at CU is being a first generation Latina to attend college. Not just any college, but a well known school CU Boulder. Being able to attend CU Boulder is a great opportunity, because not only am I doing it for my family. But also being able to represent on campus. Showing no matter where we come from we all end up in the same place due to dedication and hard work.

How has COVID-19 changed school for you? COVID-19 Has changed school for, because being in contact with other students is limited. This was very difficult, because I wanted to build more community with others. Social distancing has stopped me from meeting new people and building on new experiences.

How has the scholarship helped you? This scholarship helped me focus on my classes more. Money has always been a burden to me. Not only has this scholarship helped me further my education without worrying about my college bill. I was able to focus enough on my classes to maintain a 3.1 all year!