Published: April 29, 2021

Cecilia S. Placidi, an architecture major from Italy and New York City, plans to go into interior design after graduation.

Cecilia S. PlacidiIt feels like time flew by, regardless of how many long hours we felt like we were spending tweaking our projects but, hey, we made it.

Tell us about your involvement and/or student leadership roles in and/or outside of ENVD.
I have been part of AIAS for the past four years and have made my way up in different board positions until becoming Co-president this academic year. I will be trying to keep in touch since I will in the role of Past President next year and want to see the organization thrive. Last semester I was also the TA for two classes in ENVD, Architecture History and Ecological Systems in Design.

What inspired you to come to ENVD when choosing your school?
I loved the natural landscape of Boulder and loved the energy that the school had as a whole.

What is one of the greatest experiences or lessons from your time at CU Boulder that you'll carry with you into the next chapter of your life?
I think one of the biggest things that I learned is that the way you perceive something changes drastically if you are doing something that you love and if you feel like the people around you are giving you positive energy.

Based on what you know now, what is your best piece of advice for other students?
I think the biggest piece of advice, especially in design is that, yes professors can teach you new things and give you advice, but they are there to guide you; you are the one who has to come up with your own style and your own passion for things that you want to pursue.

Describe one of your favorite memories.
I think one of my favorite memories is enjoying the small breaks while studying with friends in the building. It is hard to work many hours in a row and feeling stuck. But taking a little break or getting someone else's opinion on it will always help.

What does graduating from college represent for you?
It represents a door to a new type of life. School is not going to be a daily thing for me anymore. Now I will be able to explore what is out there.

What are your plans beyond graduation?
I plan on going into Interior Design. I have explored architecture while in school and I want to be able to see what Interior Design has to offer and if it will be more related to what I want to be doing in my life. I will be exploring job opportunities to find one that works for me.