Published: April 12, 2021

Savannah Terrell, a sustainable planning & urban design major and business leadership minor from Newport Beach, California, would love to continue working with Growing Up Boulder, or another organization that focuses on youth and child-friendly cities beyond graduation.

Savannah TerrellGood luck! I can't wait to see where all of us end up! There are some INCREDIBLY talented people in our program and I can NOT wait to watch as these people absolutely SHAKE up the world with their creativity and innovation in both caring for the environment and fighting for social justice.

Tell us about your involvement and/or student leadership roles in and/or outside of ENVD.
I had incredible urban design-focused internships with both CEDaR and Growing Up Boulder during my time in ENVD.

What inspired you to come to ENVD when choosing your school?
I found ENVD as a major and thought "this is something I want to know more about, this is something I want to do!" and CU had one of the best programs in the whole nation, so it seemed like the right choice!

What is one of the greatest experiences or lessons from your time at CU Boulder that you'll carry with you into the next chapter of your life?
The power of balance in life. Balancing school and friends and family and outdoor adventures and cultural activities and and and... It is hard work but it is so important to remember to keep everything in balance in your life, it's the only way to live happy, healthy, and sustainably.

Based on what you know now, what is your best piece of advice for other students?
Get involved! Join clubs, meet people in your classes, stay late in studio, attend silly events, make connections, get coffee with your professors, involve yourself in internships!

Describe one of your favorite memories.
Presenting in ENVD 134 for our final pinups each semester was the most nerve-racking but also the MOST exciting part of the semester! We got to dress up as professionals, discuss our ideas with real professionals, and celebrate our studio-mates hard work!

What does graduating from college represent for you?
The start of the rest of my life & the opportunity to make a REAL difference on REAL issues and do my part to help try to save the world.

What are your plans beyond graduation?
I would love to continue working with Growing Up Boulder in some capacity or find another incredible organization that is focusing on youth and child-friendly cities to make youth voice HEARD and EMPOWERED in the design process.