William Kuskin

Office: Office of the Provost, 2055 Regent Drive, Room 360B

Dr. Kuskin has over twelve years experience in digital education. He has taught in all digital formats from distance education, through online courses, to massive open online courses. In 2013 he launched the MOOC, “Comic Books and Graphic Novels,” which ultimately served over seventy-thousand students and which received special mention for Coursera for its innovative delivery of humanities material, including writing and critical thinking.

A tenured, full professor, Dr. Kuskin’s research area is the history of the book. He has written books and articles on medieval manuscript production, the emergence of printing in the fifteenth century, William Shakespeare, the modern comic book, and the digital codex, as well as online pedagogy. In 2006 he received an NEH Research Fellowship to pursue archival work on the relationship between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, which became the book, Recursive Origins: Writing at the Transition to Modernity (Notre Dame, 2013). His work in the classroom has garnered awards from both the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg.

Dr. Kuskin majored in English and Psychology at Vassar College (class of ’87) and received his MA and PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was a University of Warwick Exchange Fellow in 1995 and a Stanford Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow in 2000.

Areas of Specialty

  • Literary Theory
  • Medieval Literature
  • Popular Culture, Film, Digital Media
  • Renaissance Literature