PhD students in their second year and beyond are required to submit an annual report on the progress of their PhD work by October 31 of each year. These reports are used to assist the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies and (for more advanced students) the student’s Dissertation Director in advising about progress in the program.

Students without current reports on file may not be considered eligible by the department for fellowships or teaching positions. Reports should be no more than one page in length and can be submitted in person to the Graduate Program Coordinator via e-mail to

For a template of the report, click here


If you are completing coursework (Second year)

  1. Outline your plans to complete your coursework in the current academic year, listing the courses you plan to take.
  2. List the members of your Advisory Committee and identify the Chair.
  3. If you have grades of Incomplete outstanding, outline your plans to complete the course(s). Grades of Incomplete may disqualify you from holding a teaching appointment.
  4. Outline how you have completed or plan to complete the foreign language requirement for the PhD.

If you have completed coursework (including grades of Incomplete) but have not yet passed the Qualifying Examination (Third year):

  1. Indicate when you will be taking your Qualifying Examination.
  2. Provide the title of your prospectus and a description of your field and method.
  3. List the five Advisory Committee members who will administer your exam, including the outside member.

If you have passed the Qualifying Examination (Third Year first semester and beyond)

  1. List the names of your Dissertation Director and the other four members of your dissertation committee, including the outside member.
  2. Describe your progress on the dissertation. Indicate chapters finished and expected date of completion.
  3. If applicable, indicate date of dissertation defense.

If you are currently a GPTI

List the name of a faculty member who will be visiting your classroom and providing a written evaluation of your teaching for your file.

All Students

If you are engaged in extracurricular or leadership activities outside of the English Department or CU Boulder (e.g. serving as an officer in a student organization or club, participating in off campus programs or organizations that benefit your community, participation in national or regional professional organizations) and would like to disclose these, please do so. This can help our department identify candidates for campus-wise funding and recognition opportunities.