Simon Critchley, in his book The Book of Dead Philosophers, argues that thinking about death is fundamental to our being human: "To philosophize, then, is to learn how to have death in your mouth," But how do we acquire “death in our mouths”? How do we think death? And what does this thinking have to do with literature, with reading and writing? This course will examine these questions.

Reading List: 
Being and Time — Martin Heidegger
Introduction to a Reading of Hegel — Alexandre Kojève
The Station Hill Blanchot Reader — Maurice Blanchot
The Portable Edgar Allan Poe—Edgar Allan Poe

Taught by Jeffrey DeShell.

Repeatable: Repeatable for up to 9.00 total credit hours. 
Requisites: Restricted to English (ENGL) and English Lit- Creative Writing (CRWR) graduate students only.
Additional Information: Departmental Category: Graduate Courses