This seminar provides a selective overview of historic and contemporary trends in Native American and Indigenous Studies academic scholarship as well as contemporary Indigenous methodologies and theory.  The readings cover a range of Eurowestern disciplines and Indigenous epistemic practices, allowing the course to be accessible to students from a range of majors.  The course’s primary goal is to teach students Native American and Indigenous Studies methods and to ensure mastery of implementing these approaches in one’s own coursework.  

The course will incorporate indigenou languages and visiting speakers, such as Indigenous filmmaker Terry Jones (Seneca Nation of Indians) and community-based language revitalization scholar Christopher Horsethief (Blackfeet).

Taught by Dr. Penny Kelsey.

Grading Basis: Letter Grade
Additional Information: Arts Sci Gen Ed: Distribution-Arts Humanities
Arts Sci Gen Ed: Diversity-Global Perspective
Departmental Category: Multicultural and Gender Studies