This course will begin with some central figures behind and within English language 20th-century poetry and then split up into interest groups according to the students’ own enthusiasms and desires to explore.  The central figures will include Whitman, Dickinson, Pater, Hopkins, Yeats, Frost, William Carlos Williams, H. D., Wallace Stevens, Hart Crane, Langston Hughes.  The primary medium will be close and joyous attention to the poems themselves as well as the kinds of activities that can bring us imaginatively and intellectually into their presence.  As structuring devices, though, students should note that attendance is absolutely required and there will be some kind of writing for each class period.

Course taught by Dr. Martin Bickman.

Requisites: Restricted to students with 57-180 credits (Juniors or Seniors).
Additional Information: Arts Sci Gen Ed: Distribution-Arts Humanities
Departmental Category: General Literature and Language