Sections 001 and 002:

Students hone their writing skills in this course by learning how to analyze sentence structure in several literary texts. They will also practice writing about literature for both academic and general audiences, while using their refined knowledge of syntax to craft their own sentences. At the same time, students will build their research skills, learning how to evaluate academic literary criticism. Two shorter writing assignments, a formal analysis of a poem, and a scholarly literature review, will culminate in two final assignments: a final paper that employs the rhetoric of scholarly literary analysis for an audience of specialists in English literature and a blog post written for a general reading audience. Each of these assignments will be revised and workshopped in class. By the end of the course, students will be able to both analyze and use a variety of syntactical structures and strategies. They will gain an advanced understanding of grammatical structures while also learning how to construct a sustained literary argument for specialists as well as a pithy, enticing argument for readers of the general cultural press. This course meets the upper-division writing requirement.

Reading List: Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre; selected poetry.

Taught by Dr. Emily Harrington.

Recommended: Prerequisite completion of lower-division writing requirement.
Additional Information: Arts Sci Gen Ed: Written Communication-Upper