To dispose of your hazardous material/waste, you must complete the Hazardous Material/Waste (HMW) Tag as described in the Hazardous Waste Generators’ Guide. The HMW Tag simplifies procedures, minimizes paperwork, and expedites pickups. Each HMW Tag has a unique identifying number that allows the University to track the waste from cradle to grave. 

All generators must complete HMW Tags to have their material/waste removed. Only the completed top white copy must be sent to EH&S at 413 UCB. * The card stock and secondary copy must be firmly attached to each container using wire provided. Use caution to avoid contaminating the tag. Incomplete, illegible, or contaminated tags will delay container removal.

HMW Tags are available through campus mail by either calling EH&S at 303-492-6025 or emailing They are also available through the Chemistry, JSCBB, and MCDB stockrooms.

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