Environmental Health and Safety is committed to support the core mission of the University of Colorado Boulder: research, teaching, and service. We provide comprehensive services and support that allow the university to maintain exceptional standards of health and safety for laboratories, work areas, and classrooms.  Offering accessible information about environmental health and safety, we contribute to the success of the University of Colorado Boulder as a bastion of research and education.

The Environmental Health and Safety mission is to maintain a safe work and learning environment, ensure regulatory compliance, and recognize and control health and safety hazards. In order to offer our expertise to the university and to the Boulder community, we strive to:

  • Be strong leaders in the University’s educational mission.
  • Provide creative and innovative solutions to any health and safety issues that may arise.
  • Knowledgeably and professionally execute our responsibilities.
  • Hold ourselves accountable both to the University and to the Boulder community
  • Give quality service at all times, and to
  • Show appreciation to our dedicated employees, who help ensure that the department meets all expectations in fulfilling its duties

In keeping with its mission, CU Boulder is committed to providing an educational model for fiscally sound, environmentally responsible stewardship of the campus and its resources. The institution intends to maintain its reputation as a proactive leader in the environmental sciences and campus sustainability. The campus values decisions that reduce the environmental impacts of its function. Environmental education and participation in campus environmental programs are encouraged so that all members of the campus and community are compliant with all federal and local regulations.

The University of Colorado Boulder strives to proactively manage both its environmental impact and the resources provided to the campus. As an environmental leader, the university’s policy is to be responsible for protecting the environment and natural resources. We are committed to complying with sound environmental practices, including the commitment to meet or exceed any applicable requirements, legal or otherwise. We will properly manage waste and pollution. We are dedicated to managing all our processes, materials, and people in a way that considers the environmental impacts associated with our actions.