Published: March 19, 2019
Fleming exterior

Exciting news – the School of Education will be relocating to a new, remodeled campus home in May 2020! What is currently known as the Fleming Building is undergoing renovations to create beautiful, collaborative spaces that will house all our students, faculty, staff and research centers over the course of the two-phase process.  

The current Education Building was scheduled for renovations and routine HVAC system updates that would have displaced faculty, staff and students for two years when the prospect to customize a new, larger space in the Fleming Building became an opportunity. 

“When the opportunity to move permanently into Fleming became a possibility, we carefully investigated and reflected on the losses we would incur from leaving our current building — mostly the memories contained in the building and location — as weighed against all of the opportunities in this new space,” said Dean Kathy Schultz. “In the end, we decided that it was wise and quite exciting to move in this new direction.”

The move to the Fleming Building offers a multitude of advantages and benefits. 

  • Classrooms will be designed to reflect our deep knowledge of learning and teaching
  • The physical space will be larger and brighter to better accommodate our growing body of students, faculty and staff, and it offers the opportunity to house all our centers, including CU Engage, in one location. 
  • Throughout the building, we are prioritizing equity and numerous community spaces for collaboration and community-building among students, faculty, staff, alumni and community partners. 
  • The new layout features several engaging student spaces, including a spacious student collaboration area inside the main entrance, so students will continue to be at the center of our work and will become the physical center of our building. 
  • The location is conveniently situated near the south side of campus, in close proximity to on-campus student housing and more accessible for our community partners and students who commute to Boulder.
  • Finally, the building site offers wonderful outdoor space with beautiful views of Boulder’s iconic Flatirons, and more.

“We are so excited about this historical opportunity to think about how our building, classrooms and community spaces can better reflect our values and the future direction of our growing school,” Dean Schultz said. 

At these early stages, the dean has met with about ten groups comprised of students, faculty and staff member, as well as the Development Advisory Board of alumni and supporters and a building committee composed of faculty, staff and students, to gather information about needs and desires. The process is ongoing and involves continued solicitation of ideas from the community, and fundraising efforts are underway. There will be many opportunities to learn more about the building renovations and for students, alumni and friends to share memories and dreams for the future. Stay tuned to this page for more updates.