Welcome new Environmental Center staff!

Before you begin your new student job at the E-Center, you'll need to complete required CU employment paperwork.

  1. First things - before you start work  instructions for important online forms and emails
  2. Next steps - after completing online forms  Show identity documents, access employee portal for Direct Deposit, W4, required training
  3. Previously employed at CU?
  4. Your payWhen to expect it
  5. Quickbooks Time/ TSheets timesheet instructions
  6. International Students Work information  how to apply for SSN, meet with tax specialist
  7. E-Center Student Staff Resources online webpage
  8. Environmental Center Staff Handbook
  9. Questions?


First - Before you start work, complete online employment forms

Very first thing:  Complete the CU New Hire Personal Information Form

  • If you have never been employed on a University of Colorado campus before, click on the link "Complete the Personal Information Form" at the bottom of the CU Human Resources Website.

  • If you have received a CU paycheck for work, then do not complete this form.  Instead, indicate that you've been employed before on the Environmental Center Docusign form you complete (below).

Next, respond to the 3 emails from:

1. Docusign - an online secure form to complete for Environmental Center employment

  • Indicate if you have worked on campus before, if you have a financial work-study award, and provide information such as preferred name, pronouns, and anticipated graduation date.

2. Intuit Quickbooks Time - an email with a link inviting you to log in to the Environmental Center's online time tracking system

  • Click on the Intuit Quickbooks Time link in the invite email, and create a password for the TSheets timesheet system.

  • You will record any time you work for the E-Center on biweekly timesheets in Intuit Quickbooks Time (also referred to as TSheets)

    • You can use the online website on your computer

    • You can also download a Quickbooks timesheet app (called Quickbooks Workforce) on your phone/mobile device if you want, to easily and quickly clock in and out for work.

    • TSheets "kiosk" for quick clock in and out are available at the ROC recycling facility computer

    • There is more info including a video tutorial below.

3. HireRight - online I-9 E-Verify Form for first-time University of Colorado employment

  • If this is your first job with CU Boulder, you'll receive an email from the University to complete a required I-9 form and show identity and eligibility documents

    • HireRight, a vendor who works with CU, will send you an invite email on behalf of the University of Colorado.

    • This form may take a few days to receive, as it's initiated by the CU Human Resources office after we notify them of your hire.

    • When you get it, click on the link and complete Section 1 of the online I-9 Form, a federal form required of all U.S. employers, used to verify the identity and employment authorization of each person hired in the United States.

    • If you've worked previously with CU Boulder and already completed an I-9 form with CU in the last 3 years, you will not do this form again

After completing the online I-9 Section 1, you'll follow up in person by showing identity and work eligibility documents (see below).


Next steps

In Person:  Show original unexpired documents for employment eligibility for Section 2 of the I-9 form.

  • If it's your first job at CU, gather original unexpired documents that meet identity and eligibility requirements (if you have completed the I-9 document process in the last three years for another job at CU, you do not have to do it again now.)

    • List of Acceptable Documents

      • If you do not have original documents in your possession in Boulder, you will need to get those sent to you to complete this employment requirement. Please let Office Manager Dana Kelly or your supervisor know if this is the case.

  •  Visit the campus I-9 office to show your documents

    • There is a main campus I-9 office located in Regent Administrative Office, and an office located in the Administrative & Research Center building on east campus.  Office hours vary by time of the year.  See the campus I-9 page for location addresses and hours.

About a week after completing the online employee forms:

After the campus HR office receives your New Hire Personal Information form they will set you up in the payroll system.  It usually takes about a week, depending on the time of year.  At that time, you will be given access with your identikey to the CU online employee portal  MyCUinfo.colorado.edu.  

  • If you cannot access the portal with your identikey login more than two weeks after completing your online forms, contact Dana at 303-492-8308 or dkelly@colorado.edu.

When you have access to MyCUinfo

  1. Check your mailing address
    • Log into MyCUinfo.colorado.edu and navigate to "My Info and Pay"
      • If you don't see "My Info", click on the CU Resources Home dropdown at the top of the page, or click on the 3 parallel lines at the top or on the side of the window to expand the menu. After you click on CU Resources, then you should be able to click on My Info and Pay.
    • Click on "My Info" to see your addresses.
      • You can update addresses right there if needed by clicking on the address.
  2. Set up Direct Deposit
    • Log into MyCUinfo.colorado.edu and navigate to "My Info and Pay"
      • If you don't see "My Info", click on the CU Resources Home dropdown, or click on the 3 parallel lines at the top or on the side of the window to expand the menu. After you click on CU Resources, then you should be able to click on My Info and Pay.
    • Click on the "Paycheck" tile.
    • Click on the  "Direct Deposit" link.
      • Note: this section of the Portal has a security feature that prompts you to verify your identity through a phone authentication method, to protect you from fraud.
    • You will need to enter your bank's routing number and the account number of your checking or savings account.
    • Choose Deposit Type (amount or percent).
      • This allows you to split deposits between more than one account if desired.
      • If you choose percent, all deposit types must total 100%.
      • If you choose amount, choose a set amount to go into one account, and then the balance to the other account.
      • Or choose Balance of Net pay for the entire amount of your check to go into one account.
      • Deposit order shows which account you want pay to go to first; if you have only one account set for direct deposit, type 1.
    • CU has created Step-by-Step Direct Deposit instructions for more information.
  3. Complete the online W4 tax form
    • International Students see International Students Work Information instead
    • IRS Form W-4 (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate) is required of all employees, and determines the amount of federal and state income tax withholding deducted from an employee's pay check.
    • Some students claim "exemption from witholding" using this form, if they will not earn enough in a year to have to pay income taxes.
    • Click on "My Info and Pay" tile in the MyCUinfo employee portal
    • Click on the W4 link, then click on W-4 Tax Information.
  4. Complete required Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct training
    • Within 30 days of beginning employment with CU, you are required to complete an online Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Training.  
    • Plan to do this as soon as possible after your MyCUinfo employee CU Resources tab is available.
    • It should take an hour or less, and you can add the time to your timesheet for this required training.  
    • If you have already worked with CU and completed this requirement in the last 3 years, you do not have to do the training again until 3 years have passed since your training completion date.
    • Instructions:
      • Log into MyCUinfo.
      • Click on Training (you may have to click CU Resources to see the Training link)
      • Click on the "Skillsoft" tile.
      • Search for CU: Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct - CU Boulder and System
      • Choose CU: Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct - CU Boulder and System custom course (45 minutes), click the Launch button.
        • You may have to Enable Pop Up Windows in your Browser's preferences.
      • After you complete the online course, you will need to pass the online quiz with 90% or better score.

Previously employed at CU?

If you have previously been hired for a job at CU, your paperwork is much easier! 

  • If you already completed an I-9 form with CU Boulder and have actively worked with CU in the previous three years, you don't have to do it again now.
  • You will not complete the online New Hire Information form on the HR website.
  • You will complete a DocuSign E-Center new employment form (watch your email) and indicate you've worked on campus before.
  • You'll set up a Quickbooks Time/TSheets account to track your work on an electronic timesheet (this timesheet system is different from what's used in most campus departments).
  • Double-check your access to the MyCUinfo employee portal.  Then, complete the steps above to check your current address, direct deposit, and W4 info.
  • Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct training is required every 3 years.  If you completed the requirement for your previous job since August 2020 (when a new training was implemented), you will receive a reminder at your 3-year anniversary to complete the training again.  If you completed the training prior to August 2020, you will need to re-take the updated training now.

Your pay

  • Record the times you work (scheduled shifts, online work, meetings, trainings) in an online timesheet using Quickbooks Time/ TSheets (more info below).
  • You will be paid by CU every two weeks.
    • See current pay schedule here
    • Note that there is always a two-week processing delay between the end of the work period and the pay day.
      • For instance, if the two-week work period is Sunday, April 22 through Saturday, May 5, the pay day will be Friday, May 18 (two weeks after the work period ends).
  • Set up Direct Deposit - instructions above
  • MyCUinfo employee portal will display your pay amount for each pay day
    • Under CU Resources, click on the "Paychecks" tile.
    • A list of your paychecks (dates, amounts, corresponding work dates) will display.


Quickbooks Time/ TSheets online Timesheets

  • The first time you access E-Center timesheets you must click on the link in the invite email you receive from Intuit Quickbooks Time - it's emailed at your time of hire along with other hiring forms (Request another invite if needed from dana.kelly@colorado.edu).
  • After you've signed in using the invite link, and created a password, you're ready to start using Quickbooks Time/ TSheets
  • Use Quickbooks Time/ TSheets
    • Bookmark tsheets.intuit.com – the URL for the online system.
    • ECenter students will login and use the “Time Entries” or “Time Clock” features to record hours.
      • Your login is usually your colorado.edu email address (or the email address you used in your employment application)
      • Clock in and out in real time using the phone app or on the website, or add your shifts later before the end of the work period
      • You’ll choose “Programs” to indicate what program you worked with, for example:  Green Labs, or Zero Waste > Outreach,  or Transportation > Bike Station
      • Submit your time every two weeks  - At the end of each two-week work period, you will receive an email reminder to Submit your time sheet. 
        • Log in to TSheets and choose “Submit Time” from the main menu.
        • After your hours are submitted, your supervisor will “Approve” your time, and it will be ready to pay on the next pay day!
      • Need to make edits to your recorded times?
        • You can review and edit any of your time entries before you submit your hours – in the Time Entries menu online (edits not available directly on kiosks – you’ll have to log in on a separate browser).
        • After your time sheet has been submitted, only your manager or Dana can make any edits or changes  – just email one of them about what needs to be updated, or ask them to unlock your timesheet to make edits.
    • If you want, you can download the Quickbooks Workforce app on your phone to track your Environmental Center work time
    • Recycling Operations Center (ROC) and Bike Station Staff have a TSheets Kiosk on the recycling facility computer and bike station iPads, to quickly clock in & out.
      • You will create a 4 digit pin the first time you log in on a Kiosk.

    International Students Work Information

    1. First, it is important to confirm that your student visa allows employment.  Read more at the International Student and Scholar Services website.  The Environmental Center is considered On-Campus Employment
    2. If this is your first job with the University of Colorado, you will need to apply for a Social Security Number (SSN) in order to be paid. 
      • Tips for initial employment forms:
        • completing the online E-Verify I-9 form without an SSN
          • Under "Citizen Status" you will need to select the box "An alien authorized to work..."
          • This will allow you to leave the U.S. Social Security Number box blank
        • for the Docusign Environmental Center New Student Employee Form
          • in the Social Security Number box, if you do not have an SSN yet you can type in 000-00-0000
      • Offer Letter
        • Request an Employment Offer Letter from Environmental Center Office Manager Dana Kelly.
        • The letter will need to be signed by your direct supervisor.  Dana will let you know when the letter is signed and ready for you to pick up from the Environmental Center, UMC room 355.
        • You willl need to take that original Offer Letter to the ISSS office in the Center for Community building, C4C room S355
        • The ISSS office will have you complete an On-Campus Employment Request Form, and give you instructions for how to follow through with the Social Security Card application process.    
      • Applying for the SSN
        • You can begin work with the Environmental Center before you receive a Social Security Number.  CU will assign a temporary placeholder number so you can begin receiving pay while you wait for your SSN to be assigned.
        • As soon as you receive your SSN, report that number to Dana Kelly to complete your hiring.  It's important to do this right away so the University can report the correct taxes for your pay.
    3. While waiting for your SSN, make a required appointment to meet with a CU International Taxation Specialist, who will assist with making sure your paycheck is set up correctly for U.S. tax laws.  There is sometimes a long wait for this appointment, so make your appointment as soon as possible.  For COVID-19 precautions, these appointments are currently being held online via Zoom.


    Environmental Center Student Staff Resources online website

    Bookmark and check in regularly with the online Student Staff Resources online website for E-Center staff.

    Updated regularly with the latest Staff Updates including

    • Weekly Staff Updates and links to past updates
    • Upcoming E-Center events and engagement opportunities
    • Current Payday schedule
    • E-Center online contact lists
    • E-Center social media channels
    • Sick Leave information
    • Work-study information
    • CU Required training links
    • Ergonomic reminders for remote work
    • Food resources and student relief fund grant info
    • CU Physical and Mental Health resources
    • CU COVID-19 updates and resources
    • Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education links
    • and more


    Student Staff Handbook

    The Environmental Center has compiled staff attendance and performance expectations, learning outcomes, and information pertaining to your employment in a Staff Handbook.  Your supervisor will review this information directly with you, it will be shared each fall with our staff list as a whole, and you are encouraged to read through on your own.

    Read the handbook here.


    Wow, that’s a lot! 

    If you have any questions about employment forms, time sheets, pay, or your job – or if you ever need any other help in navigating your work at the E-Center, or if you just have questions about CU, please ask! 

    Your Payroll Liaison at the Environmental Center is Dana Kelly who works in the office at the desk closest to the Environmental Center entrance, in UMC room 355.  You can reach Dana online at dkelly@colorado.edu weekdays during business hours 9 am – 5 pm, or call the Environmental Center at 303-492-8308.