Professor Emeritus

CIRES 256 (office)

Research Interests

Freshwater ecology and limnology. Topics of special recent interest include (1) the systems ecology of tropical lakes and rivers; (2) adaptation and ecology of plankton, especially phytoplankton; (3) chemistry of atmospheric deposition, especially as it relates to nutrient mass balance in ecosystems; (4) the trophic ecology of lakes; and (5) water quality and limnology of lakes and streams in Colorado.

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Selected Publications

Rhoades, C. C., J. H. McCutchan, Jr., L. A. Cooper, D. W. Clow, T. M. Detmer, J. S. Briggs, J. D. Stednick, T. T. Veblen, R. M. Ertz, and W. M. Lewis, Jr.  2013. Biogeochemistry of Beetle Kill: Explaining a Weak Nitrate Response.  PNAS 110: 1756-1760.

Bradburn, M. J., W. M. Lewis, Jr., and J. H. McCutchan, Jr.  2012.  Comparative adaptations of Aphanizomenon and Anabaena for nitrogen fixation under weak irradiance.  Freshwater Biology 57: 1042–1049

Lewis, W. M., Jr.  2011.  Global primary production of lakes: 19th Baldi Memorial Lecture.  Inland Waters 1: 1-28.

Lewis, W. M., Jr., W. A. Wurtsbaugh, and H. W. Paerl.  2011.  Rationale for control of anthropogenic nitrogen and phosphorus to reduce eutrophication of inland waters.  Environ. Sci. Technol. 45: 10300-10305. 

Lewis, W. M. Jr., and J. H. McCutchan, Jr.  2010.  Ecological responses to nutrients in streams and rivers of the Colorado mountains and foothills.  Freshwater Biology 55: 1973-1983.

Lewis, W. M. Jr, and W. W. Wurtsbaugh.  2008.  Control of Lacustrine Phytoplankton by Nutrients: Erosion of the Phosphorus Paradigm.  Internat. Rev. Hydrobiol. 93: 446-465.

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Kaushal, S.S. and W.M. Lewis, Jr. 2005. Fate and transport of organic nitrogen in minimally disturbed montane streams of Colorado, USA. Biogeochemistry74:303-321.