Head shot of William Bowman
Ph.D., Duke University, 1987 • Professor, Director of the Mountain Research Station & EBIO Associate Chair of Graduate Studies

Ramaley C-389

Research Interests

Plant ecology, terrestrial ecosystem science. Major areas of research include the nutritional ecology of alpine plants, resource use by plant communities, abiotic and biotic constraints on primary production and nutrient fluxes in alpine ecosystems, and the role of competition/ facilitation in plant communities. Experimental approaches, both in the field and in laboratory growth chambers, are emphasized in addressing research goals.

Selected Publications

Bowman, W.D., A. Ayad, C.P. Bueno de Mesquita, N. Fierer, T.S. Potter, and S. Sternagel. in press. Limited Ecosystem Recovery from Simulated Chronic Nitrogen Deposition. Ecological Applications

Bowman, W.D. and S. Swatling-Holcomb.*  2018.  The roles of stochasticity and biotic interactions in the spatial patterning of plant species in alpine communities. Journal of Vegetation Science 29: 25-33.

Fornwalt, P.J., C.C. Rhoades, R.M. Hubbard, R.L. Harris**, A.M. Faist, and W.D. Bowman. Short-term understory plant community responses to salvage logging in beetle-affected lodgepole pine forests, Colorado, USA. 2018, Forest Ecology and Management 409: 84-93.

Wilcox, K, Tredennick, A., Koerner, S., Grman, E., Hallett, L., Avolio, M., La Pierre, K., Houseman, T., Isbell, F., Johnson, A., Alatalo, J., Baldwin, A., Bork, E., Boughton, E., Bowman, W.D., Britton, A., Cahill, J., Collins, S., Du, G., Eskelinen, A., Gough, L., Jentsch, A., Kern, C., Klanderud, K., Knapp, A., Kreyling, J., Luo, Y., McLaren, J., Megonigal, P., Onipchenko, V., Prevéy, J., Price, J., Robinson, C., Sala, O., Smith, M., Soudzilovskaia, N., Souza, L., Tilman, D., White, S., Xu, Z., Yahdjian , L., Yu, Qiang, Z., Pengfei, Zhang, Y. 2017. Asynchrony among local communities stabilizes ecosystem function of metacommunities. Ecology Letters 20: 1534-1545.

Simkin, S.M., E.B. Allen, W.D. Bowman, C.M. Clark, J. Belnap, M.L. Brooks, B.S. Cade, S.L. Collins, L.H. Geiser, F.S. Gilliam, S.E. Jovan, L.H. Pardo, B.K. Schulz, C.J. Stevens, K.N. Suding, H.L. Throop, and D.M. Waller.  2016.  Conditional vulnerability of plant diversity to atmospheric nitrogen deposition across the USA.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113: 4086-4091.

Bowman, W.D., D.R. Nemergut, D.M. McKnight, M.P. Miller, and M.W. Williams.  2015.  A slide down a slippery slope–alpine ecosystem responses to nitrogen deposition.  Plant Ecology & Diversity DOI: 10.1080/17550874.2014.984786