A student holds a turtle.

Global Intensive: Coral Reef Ecology & Conservation (Cozumel, Mexico)
* This course combines classroom instruction at CU Boulder (the Fall semester) with an international, field-based SCUBA diving expedition (in early January) to learn about the incredible coral reef ecosystems of the Caribbean.
* Learn about and observe a wide variety of organisms that make the reef their home. The course will cover threats to coral reefs all over the world as well as ongoing efforts aimed at conservation.
* Expand on the content of your fall EBIO 4090 course with experiential learning about coral reef ecology on-site in Cozumel, Mexico
* Observe the interaction of some of the Earth's most diverse, complex, and colorful reef organisms.
* Learn about contemporary threats to reef ecosystems and active efforts to conserve or restore these unique habitats.

Tropical trees are seen before a waterfall.