Professor Emeritus

Research Interests

Terrestrial ecosystem studies, including factors influencing biodiversity, productivity, soil carbon dynamics, decomposition and mineralization processes, and how these processes affect short and long-term ecosystem-atmosphere interactions. Most recently my research has involved studies of invasive plant species and invasibility of ecosystems within the context of other components of global change.

Selected Publications

Seastedt T.R. 2015. Biological control of invasive plant species: A reassessment for the Anthropocene. New Phytologist  205: 490–502

Concilio, A.L., J.S. Prevéy,*P. Omasta, J. O’Conner, J.B. Nippert and T.R. Seastedt.  2015. Response of a mixed grass prairie to an extreme precipitation event: Introduced species, soil nitrogen and previous precipitation patterns influence responses. Ecosphere.

Beals, S.C. L.M. Hartley, J.S. Prevéy, and T.R. Seastedt. 2014. The effects of black-tailed prairie dogs on plant communities within a complex urban landscape: an ecological surprise? Ecology 95: 1349–1359

Prevéy J. Seastedt TR. 2014. Seasonality of precipitation interacts with invasive species to alter composition and phenology of a semi-arid grassland. Journal of Ecology 102: 1549-1561

Shackelford, Nancy, Richard Hobbs, Nicole Heller, Lauren Hallett, Timothy Seastedt.  2013 . Finding a middle-ground: The native/non-native debate.  Conservation Biology158: 55–62 .

Seastedt, T.R. and K.N. Suding (eds) 2013. Climate Vunerabilities to Ecosystem Functions and Services.  Vol. 4, Climate Vulnerabilities.  Elsevier Amsterdam.