Martin lab published in the prestigious Proceedings of the Royal Society

Nov. 16, 2010

With coauthors Chrysoula Gubili, Raşit Bilgin, Evrim Kalkan, S. Ünsal Karhan, Catherine S. Jones, David W. Sims, Hakan Kabasakal, and Leslie R. Noble, Andy published: Antipodean white sharks on a Mediterranean walkabout? Historical dispersal leads to genetic discontinuity and an endangered anomalous population. Abstract: The provenance of white sharks (Carcharodon...

CU Buff and EBIO major Nate Solder nominated for Heisman award

Nov. 8, 2010

In addition to being a successful EBIO major who wants to be a veterinarian, Nate Solder plays on CU's football team. He has been nominated as a finalist for the William V. Campbell Trophy, also known as the academic Heisman. The NFF presents the award annually to college football's top...

New Blog to Serve as Forum for Collections Digitization

Oct. 15, 2010

A new blog has been created to assist the biological collections community to discuss and share ideas about the National Science Foundation ’s solicitation for “Advancing Digitization of Biological Collections (ADBC).” The blog aims to “encourage the community to begin to communicate openly about the ADBC solicitation including questions, ideas,...

Brent Hawkins receives graduate student poster award

Oct. 5, 2010

David Stock and Brent Hawkins attended the Southwest Regional Meeting of the Society for Developmental Biology in Austin, TX over the past weekend, where they presented a talk and a poster, respectively. Brent, an MA student co-advised by Alex Cruz and David, received an award for the second best graduate...

EBIO in top 11 graduate programs

Sept. 28, 2010

EBIO ranked 11th among the top 20 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Programs in the nation by the National Research Council !

Medeiros lab published in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

Sept. 20, 2010

With coauthors Robert Cerny, Maria Cattell, Tatjana Sauka-Spengler, Marianne Bronner-Fraser, and Feiqiao Yu, Dan is the lead author on: Evidence for the prepattern/cooption model of vertebrate jaw evolution Abstract: The appearance of jaws was a turning point in vertebrate evolution because it allowed primitive vertebrates to capture and process large,...

Demmig-Adams and Adams lab in funding coup

Aug. 24, 2010

William and Barbara receive two (yes two) grants: -Collaborative Research (Arabidopsis 2010): Ecological Genomics of Adaptation to the Environment (2010-2014). $3,154,225 from the National Science Foundation . PI with W. Adams for CU-Boulder portion ($587,908 to the University of Colorado); PIs for MSU portion Douglas Schemske & Michael Thomashow, PI...

Guralnick lab wins NSF grant to track biodiversity

July 21, 2010

More good news from the Guralnick Lab ! Rob has just gotten the formal notification of a $1.8 Million award that partners CU, the University of Florida, the University of Hawaii, UC Berkeley and the Smithsonian. A fine set of collaborators! The title of the grant is: BiSciCol Tracker: Towards...

Russ Monson wins DOE grant to study carbon cycling

July 9, 2010

Russ Monson has just received good news from the Terrestrial Carbon Processes program at the Department of Energy (DOE). They are funding his recent proposal, entitled “Carbon cycling dynamics in response to pine beetle infection and climate variation.” Funding is for $1.03 million for three years to study the soil...

Graduate student Joey Hubbard on the cover of Trends in Genetics

April 26, 2010

Joey Hubbard and others (including Becca Safran) have a new paper in Trends in Genetics and they captured the cover. Joey chose the photos and made the collage. (The zebrafish is from the Stock lab)