Graduate student Joey Hubbard on the cover of Trends in Genetics

April 26, 2010

Joey Hubbard and others (including Becca Safran) have a new paper in Trends in Genetics and they captured the cover. Joey chose the photos and made the collage. (The zebrafish is from the Stock lab)

Leigh Cooper wins Creativity Award

April 25, 2010

This academic year Center For the American West hosted the 11th annual writing competition to award Thompson Awards for Western American Writing. Leigh Cooper's submission entitled "Branding Day" won in the "Creative Nonfiction/Memoir" category. Academics know the value of clear writing, and generally admire talented writers. Nicely done, Leigh.

Philip Taylor and Alan Townsend published in Nature

April 23, 2010

After examining more than a million data points, Philip Taylor and Alan Townsend have discovered a global relationship between nitrates and organic carbon that is mediated by microbes. Their article is in the April 22 issue of Nature. Here is a link to a news release of their results and...

Graduate student John Mischler receives EPA STAR grant

April 20, 2010

John Mischler, in the Townsend lab , has been awarded an EPA STAR grant. Here is the title and abstract from his proposal: Catching the Itch: A Study of Cercarial Dermatitis in Colorado Trends in disease emergence and transmission are in flux throughout much of the globe. Some diseases are...

Patrik Nosil and Tim Farkas published in PNAS

April 20, 2010

Patrik Nosil and Tim Farkas are currently in the field in California, studying speciation in their model system of Timema walking-sticks. Patrik reports that the work is going very well, but he also wanted to share a spate good news. During his year in Germany, Patrik established a collaboration with...

Graduate student Taryn Morris awarded Schlumberger Fellowship

April 16, 2010

Taryn Morris, a first year PhD student in the Barger Lab was recently awarded a Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Fellowship. This fellowship provides up to $50,000 a year over three years, which will be used to further support her studies of invasive plants in the Fynbos ecosystems of...

Graduate student Joseph Mihaljevic awarded NSF fellowship

April 15, 2010

Fantastic news. EBIO has received a 4th NSF Graduate Fellowship! Joseph R. Mihaljevic, currently at Washington University, will be joining our graduate program and working in Piet Johnson ’s lab. The title of his project is Effects of Metacommunity Size on Host Diversity and Parasite Dilution. Here is some further...

Nosil, Demmig-Adams and McKenzie awarded Innovative grant

April 13, 2010

CU’s Innovative Grant Program has awarded grants to Patrik Nosil, Barbara Demmig-Adams and Val McKenzie Val McKenzie's proposal, "Symbiotic microbial communities on amphibian skin and their role in disease resistance," was awarded $42,824. Barbara’s grant title is "Novel Genetic Dissection of Temperature Tolerance in the Model Plant Arabidopsis." Patrik’s grant...

Lisette Arellano awarded NSF graduate fellowship

April 10, 2010

An incoming graduate student, Lisette Arellano , has been awarded an NSF graduate fellowship and an AGEP fellowship through CU! Lisette Arellano will be in Val McKenzie ’s lab. Project title for NSF proposal: Land use and amphibian decline: A closer look at the consequences of monoculture and polyculture for...

Noah Fierer receives prestigious NSF CAREER Award

April 9, 2010

Fantastic news! Noah Fierer has just been informed that his CAREER proposal has been recommended for funding. An integrated study of the effects of nutrient additions on grassland soil microbial communities" Amount = $655,617 over 5 years. Here is the project summary: Terrestrial ecosystems across the globe are receiving elevated...