Dr. Katie Suding receives BES Eminent Ecologist award

Dr. Suding receives BES Eminent Ecologist award

Nov. 7, 2023

The British Ecological Society's Journal of Ecology Editors awarded EBIO's Dr. Katherine Suding as Eminent Ecologist award recipient for 2023 !

Researcher measuring snow in the alpine

Each spring, the niwot ridge snow survey ushers in a new season of fieldwork

Sept. 28, 2023

Situated in the Alpine tundra in the hills above Boulder, Colorado, Niwot Ridge’s Tundra Lab is among the highest research laboratories in the continental United States. The lab is a squat, hardened, concrete structure perched on stilts on the side of a mountain, more military bunker than college building. Yet...

CO botany

Colorado Field Botany Course 2023

Sept. 17, 2023

By: Jacob Watts, EBIO PhD Student During May 2023, undergraduate and graduat e students at the University of Colorado-Boulder’s Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Museum and Field Studies programs had the opportunity to traverse the state during a camping-style field biology course. This course, Colorado Field Botany, emphasizes the biodiversity,...


What does carbon offset actually mean for U.S. forests?

Sept. 11, 2023

CU Boulder study shows that 96% of all carbon offset credits from U.S. forestry projects were issued for improved forest management practices, not tree planting or forest protection While cars, airplanes and factories are busy spewing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, trees spend much of their time absorbing this harmful...


Research on coral-reef vulnerability wins top recognition

Sept. 5, 2023

Mike Gil, a CU Boulder marine biologist, led research now honored by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Mike Gil, a researcher at the University of Colorado Boulder, is one of six scientists nationwide to be honored for outstanding research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy...


NSF grants CU Boulder nearly $2 million for climate communication by and for kids

Sept. 5, 2023

The award will fund small exhibits created by high school students that will tour museums and birding festivals throughout the Americas, raising awareness about climate change and promoting STEM diversity Can the common barn swallow help promote awareness of climate change while encouraging greater diversity in STEM? A group of...


Laura Dee on NPR's 'All Things Considered' - The huge effort to save a tiny, endangered snail in upstate New York

Aug. 9, 2023

Click below to listen! Transcript: JUANA SUMMERS, HOST: Scientists are racing to conserve species before more are gone. Recovery can take years to decades, but even the tiniest of critters are grabbing their attention. Reporter Tarryn Mento has this look at a big effort to save a small upstate New...

Two ‘century plants’ in bloom

July 24, 2023

Agave plants in bloom after nearly 30 years By Olivia Doak Two agave plants are in rare bloom for the next couple of weeks after being planted nearly 30 years ago at the University of Colorado Boulder. The agave is also known as a “century plant” because of how rarely...


Campus agave plants showcase once-in-a-lifetime blooms

July 17, 2023

After nearly 30 years of waiting, two agave plants on the CU Boulder campus are having their moment in the sun. Rare Agave Bloom https://youtu.be/B7lZ9xU_9mo The plants, which adorn an outdoor garden near the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology greenhouse on 30th Street, have started to bloom—something these succulents...


CU Boulder’s Colorado Field Botany Course – 2023

June 13, 2023

Professor – Erin Manzitto-Tripp Graduate Teaching Assistant – Adele Preusser Students – Maya Bliss, Giorgio Casini, Julia Dessart, Tate Ellis, Lucy Figueroa, Skylar Graves, Brendan Norman, Seth Raynor, Elton Springman, Jacob Watts, Gio Wilson By: Jacob Watts PhD Student, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology During May 2023, undergraduate and graduate students...