Head shot of Kendi Davies
Associate Professor • Ph.D., Australian National University, 2000

Ramaley N320 (lab)

Research Interests

I study the persistence of species and communities in heterogeneous, fragmented, and disturbed landscapes; and what determines the diversity of communities in these landscapes. I use field surveys and experiments, laboratory experiments and theory. My current research is focused on 1) how environmental heterogeneity affects invasibility and extinction in communities, and 2) how landscape spatial structure and traits of species determine the structure and dynamics of communities.

Selected Publications

Davies, K. F. , S. Harrison, H. D. Safford, and J. H. Viers. (2007). Productivity alters the scale dependence of the diversity-invasibility relationship. Ecology 88 : 1940-1947.

Davies, K. F. , and B. A. Melbourne. (2007). The tails of two geckos tell the story of dispersal in a fragmented landscape. Molecular Ecology 16: 3289-3291.

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Davies, K. F. , P. Chesson, S. Harrison, B. D. Inouye, B. A. Melbourne, and K. J. Rice (2005). Spatial heterogeneity explains the scale dependence of the native-exotic diversity relationship. Ecology 86 :1602-1610.

Davies, K. F. , C. R. Margules, and J. F. Lawrence (2005). Metacommunity structure influences the stability of local beetle communities. Pages 170-188 in M. Holyoak, M. A. Leibold and R. D. Holt eds.Metacommunities: Spatial Dynamics and Ecological Communities . Chicago, University of Chicago Press.

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