The EBIO BAM program requires students to fulfill both their undergraduate requirements and their graduate requirements, generally within the span of five years. Students admitted prior to their junior year would adhere to the following schedule.

Fall, Junior Year

  • Meetings with research advisor and formation of the thesis committee.

  • Present research project proposal to the thesis committee and formulate agenda for completion.

  • Discuss course schedule best suited for research interests and degree completion.

  • Meet with research advisor to ensure A&S and EBIO requirements are on track to be fulfilled.

Spring, Junior Year

  • Continue taking planned courses

  • Plan research project for the summer term and upcoming semesters

Fall, Senior Year

  • Enroll in EBIO-6000, Introduction to Biological Research. 1 credit hour. 

  • Enroll in EBIO 5000, EBIO Colloquia. 1 credit hour. 

  • Continue taking planned courses

  • Hold “M.A. First-Semester Meeting” and receive a reading list

Spring, Senior Year

Fall, Fifth Year

Spring, Fifth Year

  • Meet with Graduate Advisor, discuss graduation and required forms

  • Write thesis. EBIO-6950, Thesis Hours, may be taken for up to 6 credit hours.

  • Confirm that all requirements have been completed for both the master's degree

  • Final thesis committee meeting/ Defense of thesis

  • Commencement for MA degree