Professor Emeritus

Research Interests

Evolutionary biogeography; community and conservation ecology; human impact on native ecosystems; ecology, distribution, and systematics of mammals of western North America and Middle America; science in general education; history of biology, especially ecology & evolution.

Selected Publications

Armstrong, D. M., J. P. Fitzgerald, and Carron A. Meaney. 2011. Mammals of Colorado, 2nd Edition. University Press of Colorado, Boulder.

2006. Lions, Ferrets & Bears. A Guide to the Mammals of Colorado, 2nd edition. Colorado Division of Wildlife, Denver, 65 pp. [for middle and high school audience). in press. Rocky Mountain Mammals, 3rd Edition. University Press of Colorado, Boulder.

2001. Vertebrates of Niwot Ridge. Pp. 128-156 in Structure and function of an alpine ecosystem: Niwot Ridge (W. Bowman and T. Seastedt, eds.). Oxford University Press, New York (with J. C. Halfpenny and C. H. Southwick).

2000. Epilogue: conservation of wildlife in Rocky Mountain forests: process, pattern, and perspective. Pp. 431-450 in Forest fragmentation in the Southern Rocky Mountains. (R. L. Knight, F. W. Smith, S. W. Buskirk, W. H. Romme, and W. L. Baker, editors). University Press of Colorado, Boulder.