Published: July 26, 2018
Piet with Parasitology award

Congratulations to Piet Johnson who was awarded the Henry Baldwin Ward Medal by the American Society of Parasitologists. This honor recognizes a mid-career scientist who has made exceptional contributions to the field of Parasitology. The award, established in 1959, is named for H.B. Ward, the society's first president and founder of the Journal of Parasitology, and is the highest research award presented by the society. Piet is the 55th H.B. Ward medalist.

The ASP conference was just a few weeks ago in Cancun, Mexico. Piet was introduced by Dr. Janet Koprivnikar (shown in photo below with Piet). Piet's entertaining talk was entitled, "A fascination with the abomination," where he highlighted his many mentors and included some awesome pictures of him as a kid keeping aquaria full of marine creatures in his childhood home.

Congratulations Piet!!!