Published: Aug. 1, 2017

Each year, Provost Faculty Achievement awards are presented to select faculty members who have offered recent significant publications or creative contributions in their academic fields. Noah Fierer, Associate Professor has been awarded a Provost Faculty Achievement Award this year!

Noah's work on three academic papers, Barberan, et al., Proceedings of the Royal Society B; Emerson, et al., Environmental Science and Technology and Madden, et al. Molecular Ecology  in addition to laboratory sequencing and authoring, show that molecular approaches can be used to understand the makeup and sheer abundance of organisms, inside and out of human homes. Several conclusions regarding the effects of living spaces and overall human health are drawn from this collection of work. It's important to note that each study detailed in these papers employed the use of citizen scientists to collect samples used in the analyses. Previous labor and time intensive methods of collecting samples are largely overcome by employing citizen scientists. Noah's contributions to these diverse academic disciplines and health-related fields proved to have embellished his merits of the Provost Faculty Achievement Award. Congratulations Noah! 

Provost Awards are distributed at Fall Convocation.