Published: March 17, 2016

 Doug Woodhams)

C. euknemos is one of many frog species threatened by chytrid fungus. (Photo: Doug Woodhams)

Former postdoc, Doug Woodhams, Molly Bletz, Assistant Professor, Valerie McKenzie and recent PhD graduate Jordan Kueneman recently published a paper in Trends in Microbiology, titled, Managing amphibian disease with skin microbiota.


The contribution of emerging amphibian diseases to the sixth mass extinction is driving innovative wildlife management strategies, including the use of probiotics. Bioaugmentation of the skin mucosome, a dynamic environment including host and microbial components, may not provide a generalized solution. Multi-omics technologies and ecological context underlie effective implementation.

Read the full paper in Trends in Microbiology.

The paper generated some press, Doug was recently interviewed on NPR's Living on Earth. Stream the interview on NPR.