When you report, either for yourself or for others, the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance (OIEC):

  • Contacts the person impacted by the behavior.
  • Provides information about confidential resources.
  • Explains the process for investigating complaints of policy violations and discusses options for resolving concerns informally.
    • Generally, the person impacted has the choice to proceed or not with a case.
    • OIEC must consider community safety factors that may override an individual’s choice in the matter. This happens in rare instances.
  • Can formally investigate a case or offer an informal resolution process.
    • Even if the person impacted chooses not to report formally and/or chooses not to participate in an investigation process (through OIEC or law enforcement), they can contact OIEC for information and assistance accessing on or off campus support services and available supportive and safety measures to mitigate the impact of an incident.