Terri S. Wilson is an Assistant Professor in Educational Foundations, Policy and Practice, specializing in philosophy of education, education policy and the foundations of research.

Her research focuses on the conceptual foundations and normative significance of education policy, including issues raised by choice, parent engagement and desegregation. Her current research project explores how to balance the interests of families in choosing distinctive schools—especially ones that affirm ethnic, linguistic or cultural identities—against arguments for a common, integrated school system. She is also interested in how individual choices are shaped by organizational and systemic contexts. Professor Wilson has also explored how philosophically informed methodology offers resources for exploring the moral and ethical dimensions of education.

She teaches courses in philosophy of education, education policy and research methodology. Professor Wilson will be teaching EDUC 8250 (Qualitative Research Methods I) in Fall 2015.

She was a 2012-2014 National Academy of Education/ Spencer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow. Professor Wilson is serving as the 2015-2017 Program Chair of the Philosophical Studies SIG for the American Educational Research Association, and also serves on the Board of Directors for the John Dewey Society (2014-2017).