In 2015-16, the Center for Values and Social policy introduced the CVSP Visiting Fellows program.  Designed for faculty who are on paid sabbatical or who are recently retired, the Visiting Fellows program brings scholars to campus for visits of roughly two to four weeks during which they conduct research, give talks, do guest presentations in undergraduate and graduate classes, and interact in a variety of other ways with faculty and students at CU.  Visiting Fellows during 2015-16 were Justin Weinberg (University of South Carolina) in the fall and Teresa Burke (Gallaudet University) in the spring.  In 2016-17, the Center hosted Bonnie Steinbock (SUNY Albany, Emerita) in the fall and three visitors in the spring: Thierry Ngosso (St. Gallen, Switzerland), Tom Dougherty (Cambridge), and Helen Frowe (Stockholm).

The CVSP Visiting Fellows for 2017-18 will be Elizabeth Brake (Arizona State) in the fall and John Corvino (Wayne State) in the spring.  Applications for 2018-19 Fellows will be solicited toward the end of 2017.  Questions about the program should be directed to the Director of the Center, David Boonin.