Prof. Palmer
Professor • "One Fish...Two Fish...Fluorescent Red & Green Squish!"

  Professor Palmer's research lies at the interface of chemistry and biology, where the application of chemical and physical principles provides a unique opportunity to better understand the fundamental biochemistry of living cells. Cells are like complex, dynamic living robots that respond to both internal and external signals.  The Palmer lab develops new technologies to understand the programming of cells. We combine spectroscopic and biophysical techniques with protein design and engineering to develop novel fluorescent probes, and use long-term time-lapse fluorescence microscopy to elucidate the mechanisms of cellular signaling pathways.  We are specifically interested in how cells regulate metal ions, how pathogens alter cell biology, and how to engineer improved photophysical properties in fluorescent proteins. Professor Palmer is a member of both BioFrontiers Institute and the Center for Neuroscience at CU Boulder.  Additionally, Professor Palmer's group is very much involved with STEM education of young scientists through CU Science Discovery, CU Wizards.