PhotoNameContact Information
Dulce Adama Dr. Dulce Aldama
Libraries and Museum Cultural Heritage Collections Exhibit Developer
image J Ryan Allen J Ryan Allen
Project Manager for Biodiversity Informatics Botany
Stephanie Bailey
Assistant Director
Suzanne Balog Suzanne Balog
Events and Communications Specialist
Mary Beth Besel
Accounting Technician
Deane Bowers Dr. M. Deane Bowers
Professor of EBIO • Curator of Entomology
Emily Braker, Collections Manager of Vertebrate Zoology Emily Braker
Collections Manager of Vertebrate Zoology
christina cain Christina Cain
Collections Manager of Anthropology and NAGPRA Coordinator
Karen Chin Dr. Karen Chin
Professor of Geological Sciences • Curator of Paleontology
Dina Clark Dina Clark
Collections Manager of Botany
Robert Colwell Dr. Robert Colwell
Museum Curator Adjoint of Entomology and Zoology
Rebecca Coon Rebecca Coon
Exhibit and Program Developer
Barbara Diehl hugging the leg of a large elephant sculpture Barbara Diehl
Museum Advisory Board Member
Jennifer Dillon Jennifer Dillon
Graphic Designer and Media Coordinator
Samantha Eads Samantha Eads
Visitor Services Coordinator
Jaelyn Eberle Dr. Jaelyn Eberle
Interim Director • Professor of Geological Sciences • Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology
Samantha Fladd Dr. Samantha Fladd
Assistant Professor of Anthropology • Curator of Archaeology • Director of Museum and Field Studies
Carol Galluci hiking in the mountains Carol Galluci
Museum Advisory Board Member
Will Gregg headshot Will Gregg
Dr Chapman waiting at a train station Dr. Susan Guinn-Chipman
Chair, Museum Advisory Board
James Hakala James Hakala
Senior Educator at University Museum
Hudith Halasi Judith Halasi
Secretary, Museum Advisory Board
Judith Harris
Emeritus Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology
Kerrie Iyoob
Collections Manager of Anthropology
Talia Karim Dr. Talia Karim
Collections Manager of Invertebrate Paleontology
Patrick Kociolek Dr. J. Patrick Kociolek
Professor of EBIO • Curator of Diatoms
Stephen Lekson Dr. Stephen Lekson
Professor of Anthropology • Curator of Anthropology
Jingchun Li Dr. Jingchun Li
Assistant Professor of EBIO • Curator of Invertebrates
Barb Losoff Barb Losoff
Erin Manzitto-Tripp Dr. Erin Manzitto-Tripp
Associate Professor of EBIO • Curator of Botany at COLO Herbarium
Kelly Martin Kelly Martin
Collections Manager of Invertebrate Zoology
Christy McCain Dr. Christy McCain
Associate Professor of EBIO • Curator of Vertebrates
traci mcdonald Traci McDonald
Museum & Field Studies Graduate Program Administrator
303 492-5437
Randall Nishiyama Randall Nishiyama
Robert Pudim standing in front of Indian Peaks Wilderness sign Robert Pudim
Museum Advisory Board Member
Dr Romig sitting on park bench with his dog Dr. Joe Romig
Museum Advisory Board Member
Grace Rychwalski Grace Rychwalski
Executive Assistant to the Director
Virginia Scott Virginia Scott
Collections Manager of Entomology
Dr. Jennifer Shannon Dr. Jennifer Shannon
Associate Professor of Anthropology • Curator of Cultural Anthropology
Carl SImpson Dr. Carl Simpson
Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences • Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology
Gianna Sullivan Gianna Sullivan
Science Program Coordinator
Dr. Will Taylor Dr. William T. Taylor
Assistant Professor of Anthropology • Curator of Archaeology
Jacob Van Veldhuizen Jacob Van Veldhuizen
Collections Manager of Vertebrate Paleontology
Paola Villa Dr. Paola Villa
Museum Curator Adjoint of Archaeology
Shi-Kuei Wu Shi-Kuei Wu
Emeritus Curator of Invertebrates
David Zelegin is the digitization assistant David Zelagin
Research Assistant