The Diversity Endorsement and Community Engagement (DECE) project is a federally-funded grant program designed to deliver the University of Colorado Boulder double endorsement MA degree program to K-12 practicing educators. The Double Endorsement MA is a 12-course, 37 credit-hour degree program preparing educators to obtain two K-12 Colorado state endorsements 1) culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) education, and 2) special education generalist (SEG). The DECE project is designed to address the contemporary need of possessing culturally/linguistically diverse and special education knowledge and skills to provide high quality instruction to all learners. The DECE project has a specific focus on guiding scholars to develop, implement, and sustain a Family-Community Engagement model to improve the education of CLD learners and students identified with a disability. Visit the Double Endorsement MA Program site for additional information about the CU Boulder MA degree program completed through the DECE project.

The CE in DECE

The goal for this portion of the degree is for teachers to design and implement as a sustainable model of community engagement that is integrated into their on-going work as teachers. The focus for family community engagement used through the DECE degree is on working with parents, families, students, and educators who represent Culturally and Linguistically Diverse students and students in Special Education. The guiding idea is that more robust connections between schools, families, and communities provide a stronger basis for student success. We are drawing on principles and practices from community organizing (tailored for teachers) as the basic approach. Though there are many models of community organizing, our approach focuses on building relationships with key stakeholders to bring about some change in practices. In this model, we follow the issues that matter to our key stakeholders and build our community engagement around the voices of those most impacted by these realities. 

Cohort 1 Projects 

Uniting the Parent Teacher Association at Homestead Peak School by Maria Diaz          

Home Visits with Highland Elementary School by Brenda Copeland 

IB Academy at Avon Elementary by Sherry Hansen, Carla Camino, and Noemí Sánchez Ortiz

Fighting School Segregation by Nicole Bentzoni  and Noelle Simino

Alternative Sites for Parent Engagement at Red Sandstone Elementary School by Emily Linnan

Community Garden at Eagle Valley Elementary School by Valentina Garcia, Krista Boni-Edson, and Lindsay Carlson

Social Emotional Learning at Brush Creek Elementary School by Kathryn Brock, Jodie Metz, and Michelle Morrison

Our Team

Charla Agnoletti, Community Engagement Specialist 

Ana Contreras, Community Engagement Specialist 

Roudy Hildreth, Community Engagement Specialist

John Hoover, DECE Project Director 

Soraya Latiff, Community Engagement Specialist

Dennis Donovan, Community Engagement Consultant