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Alumni Spotlight, Christina Medina

Christina Medina is a faithful alumna of the BUENO Center! She is a graduate of three scholarship programs, including CAMP, Career Ladder, and an Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity Master of Arts Cohort Program. She grew up in Fort Lupton, Colorado, with her parents and two siblings. Christina is the...

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Alumni Spotlight, Susana León-Weber, Eunice Lopez, and Virginia Valverde
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Alumni Spotlight, Michelle Lopez
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Alumni Spotlight, Ludivina Calderón
Gisela Cardenas
Alumni Spotlight, Gisela Cardenas


Bilinguals United for Education and New Opportunities (BUENO)


Located in the School of Education at the University of Colorado, Boulder, The BUENO Center is recognized nationally for its work with culturally and linguistically diverse students and their teachers.

Through a comprehensive range of research, training, and service projects, the BUENO Center strongly promotes quality education with an emphasis on cultural pluralism. The Center is deeply committed to facilitating equal educational opportunities for culturally and linguistically diverse learners as well as students with special needs.The BUENO Center has led a range of educational programs that promote quality education for over 40 years. Learn more about the programs we currently support, partner with, or lead via the links below.