Mateo Vela, Aquetza and Puksta Scholars Graduate

The best part of participating in CU Engage Programs were the connections and partnerships that I made. I have access to a vast network of organizers as a result of my involvement in both Puksta and Aquetza.

Areyana Proctor, Multicultural Leadership Scholars, INVST Community Studies, and Public Achievement Graduate

The community that I have made, the friends, the connections, and mentors that I now have, are the most rewarding part of being a participant in multiple CU Engage Programs.

Kieran White, INVST Community Studies and Leadership Studies Minor Graduate

Doing both the INVST program and the Leadership Studies Minor (LSM), I felt that I was able to share my eco-social justice community-based approach to leadership with classmates from other pathways in my LSM class and identify the ways that our visions of leadership aligned and diverged. I think that was really interesting and made me feel like a more well-rounded leader in the end.

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How Do Students Move Through the Programs? 

Infographic of 2 students moving through 4 years of CU Engage Programs

We provide the flexibilty for students to move through our programs in a number of ways. Above are two examples of how two different students participated with CU Engage during their time as undergraduates at CU Boulder. Cynthia began as a high school participant in Aquetza. In her sophmore year, she joined the 2 year INVST Program. At the start of her junior year, she declared the Leadership and Community Engagement Major as a double major alongside her teaching credentials, and in her final year at CU, she was a counselor and mentor for high school Aquetza students. She is now teaching for Denver Public Schools. 

Kieran took a sustainability course in her dorm's RAP (Residential Academic Program) her freshman year which led her to learn about and join the 2 year INVST Program in her second year. She declared the Leadership Studies Minor in her junior year, and during her senior year, she served as a Teaching Assistant for INVS 3931: Community Leadership Internship.