The large white lobby wall of the CU Art Museum, featuring a mural depicting a child wearing a necklace of skulls and a flower crown above the doors on the left, and a hanging rainbow flag made of knit fabrics, sequins, cords, and tassels to the right.
Mural by Alvin Gregorio on the left, and flag by Steven Frost on the right.

Opening September 8, 2023.

Faculty Exhibition: 2023 celebrates the creative work of faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder whose scholarship and teaching is grounded in an art-making practice. CU Art Museum showcases the collective creativity of faculty artists for campus and community audiences. Ceramics, film, multimedia and sculptural installations, painting, photography, and video works will be on view in the museum’s galleries throughout the 2023 fall semester.

Mark your calendars for our opening celebration on September 7!

Faculty participants:

Mark Amerika, Intermedia, writing and performance (IAWP), digital arts

Dan Boord and Luis Valdovino, Video/IMAP

August Black and Betsey Biggs, IAWP

Scott Chamberlin, Ceramics

Matt Christie, Printmaking

Laura Devendorf, IAWP

Kim Dickey, Ceramics

Erin Espelie, IAWP

Steven Frost, IAWP

Alvin Gregorio, Painting and drawing

Marina Kassianidou, Painting and drawing

Jeanne Liotta, Film

Jeanne Quinn, Ceramics

Yumi Janairo Roth, Sculpture and post-studio practices

Martha Russo

Richard Saxton, Sculpture and post-studio practices

Joel Swanson, IAWP

Anna Tsouhlarakis, Foundations

Michael Theodore, IAWP

Mike Womak, Painting and drawing

Melanie Yazzie, Printmaking