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Chryssa, Greek | American (1933-2013), Untitled Suite, 1980, screen print, ed. 35/100, 34 1/4 x 31 1/2 inches. Gift from the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron B. Katz, CU Art Museum, 81.1601. © Chryssa.

Art in Action: The Process of Design
March 27—September, 2018

This project was curated by students in the Program in Environmental Design as part of Marianne Holbert’s Advanced Design Lab 2, a Senior Architecture Studio. Prints from the CU Art Museum are paired with interpretive designs by students to demonstrate how art can be a creative catalyst and a tool for learning. These prints by Josef Albers, Fayga Ostrower and Chryssa served as inspiration for student designs for a prospective building intended to serve as a center of interdisciplinary design education.

From sketch to sculpture or concept to building, each step of the process employs diverse materials and design techniques.

Students include: Akitomo Amai, Elena Chavez, Claire Derr, Kristopher Diaz, William France, Dominic Hathaway, Geoff Mittler, Julie Stauffer, Carson Stewart, Nile Thomson.