The submission process has changed for protocols that utilize CTRC services.  Protocols are no longer required to submit to the Scientific Advisory Review Committee (SARC) unless it meets one or more of the criteria below:

  • More than minimal risk with no previous independent review of scientific merit
  • Previous review of scientific merit, but where the protocol has undergone substantial change since the time of review (e.g. change in the aims, hypotheses, experimental design, or sample size)
  • Protocols supported by a Career Development Award or the other mentored mechanism (e.g. NIH K award)
  • Protocols requesting a CTRC Microgrant

If your protocol requires SARC approval please continue on the SARC Protocol- Forms & Process page.  If you are unsure please contact the CTRC administrator.


If your protocol does not fall into the above criteria you can submit your protocol to the IRB and CTRC simultaneously. 

Items for CTRC Submission