The Boulder CTRC is a resource on the CU campus for investigators to conduct research in a controlled environment.  We provide support for multiple protocols in a variety of fields.

All research participants are recruited by laborites on campus; participants will generally have a screening phone call with a laboratory and then the Investigators will schedule appointments with the CTRC.

All study participants have access to a Research Subject Advocate (RSA) who protects participant's rights and safety before, during and after their participation.

Visiting the CTRC

On your initial visit to the CTRC your Investigator will cover the Informed Consent with you.  This document covers the information specific to the research protocol you are invited to participate in.  You will be able to review procedures and any risks that may be associated with the protocol.

Finding the CTRC can be tricky at times, we recommend that you review and follow the directions provided by your Investigator for location and parking.  There may be times that you have a visit located else where on campus and we have included those directions on the side.