Alternative Breaks, a program of the Volunteer Resource Center, sends teams of college students (between 12-18 students) to engage in community-based service projects during each college break, providing opportunities for students to learn about the problems faced by members of communities with whom they may otherwise have had little or no direct contact. This immersion in diverse environments enables students to experience, discuss, and understand social issues in a significant way, ultimately, moving students towards action to make a positive impact. Students either fly or drive together from Boulder to their location. All costs for each trip are inclusive of food, lodging, side trips, a t-shirt, education and program fees.

PROGRAM FOCUS: Discipline-based education research, Diversity, ESL, Professional development/continuing education, Professional development/continuing education, Informal education and outreach, Diversity, Diversity, Instructional/Curricular resources DISCIPLINES: Engineering, Climate science, Atmospheric and oceanic science, Environmental science, Geosciences, Psychology, Physics EDUCATION CONTEXT: Undergraduate