klymkowsky and nobel laureate at dber related eventDBER is a monthly Seminar Series that emphasizes discipline-based STEM education research. It is a forum for faculty, staff, researchers, and students interested in education research and course transformation to share their ideas and get feedback on their work.

DBER is multi-disciplinary. These seminars bring together faculty and graduate students from roughly 45 different programs and departments across four schools/colleges. The average attendance is more than 20 people. In addition to being intellectually rich, these meetings also serve to create community among the many STEM education researchers on campus. All are welcome to attend.


For the Fall, 2019 semester, DBER will be held on the second Tuesday each month, from 3:30-5:00 pm in Porter Bio 121.


For questions about DBER, to suggest a speaker, or to inquire about presenting yourself, please contact Mike Klymkowsky at: michael.klymkowsky@colorado.edu, or Valerie Otero at: valerie.otero@colorado.edu.


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2019 Fall DBER Schedule:

Sep 10 Brian Donovan (BSCS)
Genomics Literacy Matters: Supporting the Development of Genomics Literacy Through Genetics Education Could Reduce Cognitive Forms of Racial Prejudice

Seminar Flyer

Oct 8 Sandra Laursen & Tim Weston (E&ER & History)
Assessment of apprentice-based and course-based undergraduate research  
Nov 12 Rob Stubbs et al (Institutional Rsearch)
Campus resources for learning outcomes and assessment  
Nov 12 Derek Briggs et al (Center for Assessment, Design, Research and Evaluation, UC Boulder)
New Ways of Thinking about the Concepts of Validity and Reliability.  


Archive of Past DBER Seminars