CU Boulder accounts, such as student debt accounts, may be written off per CU policy.

The State of Colorado had a Central Collections Services agency, who provided debt collection services for the University of Colorado. On July 27, 2020, the State’s Central Collection Services closed, leaving the university with a need to contract directly with debt collection service providers. Further information about the closure is available at the Office of the State Controller's website

For either, some basic guidelines apply:

  • Accounts must be at least 24 months old

Private Collection Agency

Accounts sitting with a private collection agency should be listed on a spreadsheet which details the following:

  • ID
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Principal
  • Interest
  • Total Amount
  • Date Debt Incurred
  • Last Payment Date (if none, please note)
  • Type of Payment

In addition, please add a statement from from an authorized representative of your department that they are authorizning the write-off(s) on behalf of  your department. The text may read, for example:

Recommended for Write-Off Information Required

  • Authorizing person’s name and official title
  • Authorizing person's signature
  • Phone # and email address
  • Name of department (requesting the write-off)

Lastly, accounts that are greater than $20K should be listed separately from those under $20K. CCO recommends that the information be submitted on two separate spreadsheets: 1) accounts greater than $20K, and 2) accounts less than $20K . Both spreadsheets must contain all of the information requested above. The write-offs cannot be authorized without your department's information and your authorized approver's signature.

The accounts less than $20K will be reviewed in the CU Boulder Campus Controller's Office and if appropriate, approved here. The accounts greater than $20K will require a review by the CU Boulder Campus Controller's Office prior to our office submitting them to the OUC for final approval. You will be notified as soon as accounts are approved for write-off, or if there are any questions.