Sun 17 November 8:30 am – Mon 18 November 9:30 pm

Pierre-Laurent Aimard full recital Tues 19 November, 7:30 pm

* = lecture-recital

Saturday 16 November

8:00 pm Drinks (Carelli’s: cash bar)

Sunday 17 November

(all Sunday day events in Grusin Hall, Imig Music Building;
evening session at the home of Jan Burton)

8:30 am Registration, coffee

9:00 am Welcome (Dean Robert Shay and Daphne Leong)

Symbol and Action

Chair: Keith Waters (University of Colorado Boulder)

9:10 am Anton Vishio (William Paterson University)
Networks of Polyrhythms

9:40 am Scott Murphy (University of Kansas)
Applications of Duplex Syncopation Classes and Spaces to Western Popular Song

10:10 am Jeanne Bamberger (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
From Action to Symbol: The Computer as Collaborator

10:55 am Daphne Leong, David Requiro, and Michael Tetreault (University of Colorado Boulder)
* Collaborating on Rhythm in Wuorinen’s Grand Union

11:35 am Lunch (C4C)

Pedagogy and Practice

Chair: Mark Arnett (University of Colorado Boulder)

1:30 pm Brian Alegant (Oberlin College Conservatory)
How to teach complex rhythms (in a way that is enjoyable for you and your students)

2:15 pm John Gunther and Michael D’Angelo (University of Colorado Boulder)
* Rhythm aerobics and metronome games

2:55 pm Keith Waters (University of Colorado Boulder), Brian Levy (New England Conservatory), Brian Casey (University of Northern Colorado), and Michael D’Angelo (University of Colorado Boulder)
* Comping Structures in Jazz Practice

3:35 pm Coffee

Composing and Performing

Chair: Philip Chang (University of Colorado Boulder)

4:00 pm Marcel Zaes (Brown University)
* Resisting the Grid: Performing Asynchrony

4:40–5:20 Concert

About Time: three mini-premieres 

Introduction: Carter Pann (University of Colorado Boulder)

"The Stars in Their Eyes" (2019) – Isabel Goodwin

Curtis Sellers, oboe
Anoushka Divekar, clarinet
Ethan Shuler, bassoon

"Density Table" (2019) – Drake Rutherford

"Off-Kilter" (2019) – Ben Morris

Ben Morris, piano
Matt Smiley, bass
Michael D'Angelo, drums

“Saëta” from Eight Pieces for Four Timpani (1950) – Elliott Carter

Mike Tetreault, timpani

“Third Construction” for percussion (1941) – John Cage

Steve Hearn
John Kinzie
Mike Tetreault
Lee Vinson

5:45 pm Dinner (home of JB)

Chair: Steven Bruns (University of Colorado Boulder)

7:30–8:20 Hsing-Ay Hsu (University of Colorado Boulder) with Don Traut (University of Arizona)
* Stravinsky’s Rhythmic Play in the Concerto for Piano and Winds

Monday 18 November

(Monday day events in Grusin Hall, CASE E422, and N1B59)
evening session at the Koenig Alumni Center)

8:30 am Registration, coffee

9:00–10:15 Keynote: Lecture-recital (Grusin Music Hall, Imig Music Building)

Pierre-Laurent Aimard, pianist
Rhythm in Piano Repertoire since 1900

Armenia, Turkmenistan, and India (CASE E422)

Chair: Yonatan Malin (University of Colorado Boulder)

10:30 am Scott C. Schumann (Central Michigan University)
Rhythmic Cycles and Ostinati as Formal Process in the Music of Tigran Hamasyan

11:00 am Dave Fossum (Arizona State University)
Microtiming in Traditional Turkmen Music

11:30 am Peter Asimov (University of Cambridge)
Rethinking Messiaen’s Rhythms, ca.1935-1950

12:00 pm Lunch (Dushanbe Teahouse)

2:00 pm Piano masterclass: Pierre-Laurent Aimard (Grusin Hall)

2:50 pm Coffee

Canon and Motive (N1B59, Imig Music Building)

Chair: Daphne Leong (University of Colorado Boulder)

3:15 pm John Roeder (University of British Columbia)
Processes of Grouping and Pulse in Free Post-Tonal Canons

4:00 pm Ronald Squibbs (University of Connecticut)
The Presence of Absence: Gapped Mensuration Canons in John Luther Adams’s Among Red
(for solo piano) (2001)

4:30 pm Daniel Cox (Yale University)
Motivically-Directed Meter: A Listener-Oriented Approach to the Irregular Pulse

5:00 pm Michael Schutz (McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind)
Inside Steve Reich’s Drumming: Exploring the Gap between Theoretical Structure and
Performance Practice

6:00 pm Dinner (Koenig Alumni Center)

Hip-Hop and Electronic Music (Koenig Alumni Center)

Chair: Mitch Ohriner (University of Denver)

7:30 pm Kyle Adams (Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University)
On the Rhythmic Dialogues of Hip-Hop

8:15 pm Anabel Maler (University of Iowa) and Robert Komaniecki (Appalachian State University)
Rhythmic Techniques in Signed Rap

8:45 pm Lloyd May (Dartmouth College)
Jittered Grooves: Micro-timing Burial’s “Archangel”

9:15 pm Farewell

Tuesday 19 November

7:30 pm Concert: Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Beethoven the Avant-gardist (Macky Auditorium)

Messiaen: VI. L’alouette-lulu from Catalogue d’oiseaux
Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor, Op. 27 No. 2 (“Moonlight”)
Messiaen: V. La chouette hulotte from Catalogue d’oiseaux
~ Intermission ~
Sweelinck: Fantasia à 4: Echo d3, SwWV 260
Benjamin: Shadowlines
Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 28 in A Major, Op. 101