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Keynote (lecture-recital): Pierre-Laurent Aimard, pianist

Rhythm in Piano Repertoire since 1900

Invited speakers:

Kyle Adams (Jacobs School of  Music, Indiana University)
"On the Rhythmic Dialogues of Hip-Hop”

Brian Alegant (Oberlin College Conservatory)
"How to Teach Complex Rhythms”

Jeanne Bamberger (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
"From Action to Symbol: The Computer as Collaborator”

John Roeder (University of British Columbia)
"Processes of Grouping and Pulse in Free Post-Tonal Canons”

Rhythm in music since 1900 remains a rich and fascinating field of inquiry. This conference brings multiple perspectives to bear on this field. It addresses repertoires ranging from jazz and popular music to world music and art musics, and topics from performance and pedagogy to cognition and theory. The keynote features renowned pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard, acclaimed particularly for his interpretations of music of our time. In addition to his keynote lecture-recital, Aimard will also play a full recital on 19 November.

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Program committee
Daphne Leong (University of Colorado Boulder) 
Mitch Ohriner (University of Denver) 
Keith Waters (University of Colorado Boulder)

Local arrangements 
Yonatan Malin (University of Colorado Boulder)
Philip Chang (University of Colorado Boulder)
Rebecca Hamel (University of Colorado Boulder)

Clay Allen

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