Arkansas River

Water in the West: Documenting the Change

RJ Sangosti and Elliot Ross, former and current Ted Scripps Fellows at CU Boulder’s Center for Environmental Journalism, use photography to show immediate and long-term water concerns through the rapidly changing Western landscape.

Illustration of Colorado Acequia

How Law Students Are Keeping a Historic Water Distribution Tradition Alive in Southern Colorado

For the last decade, Colorado Law students have supported the legal needs of acequia communities in Colorado's San Luis Valley through the Acequia Assistance Project.

Dr. Sammy with bees

The Buzzworthy Bee Research of CU’s Dr. Sammy

Assistant professor Samuel Ramsey's research includes bee behavior, ecology and evolutionary biology.

Matt Guerrero

The Class of 2024: Embracing the Unknown, Becoming Unstoppable

Interviews with the Class of 2024 give insight into what matters most to them as they prepare to graduate.

an illustration of a woman climbing on a skull

Secrets from the Grave

By studying human skeletal remains, bioarchaeologist Sharon DeWitte is opening a new window into past pandemics and giving voice to the voiceless.

CU News

Matt Morris at his new home in Superior

Engineering professor Matt Morris Rebuilds His Home with CU Students

He and his family lost everything in the 2021 Marshall Fire.

Katja Friedrich

Can Cloud Seeding Stem the Water Crisis?

CU Boulder's Katja Friedrich is known for her work in cloud seeding, a process used to generate precipitation from existing clouds.

PureSip Founders

Water Purification Through a Straw

The student prototype, PureSip, protects digestive health and the environment.

Barker Reservoir

Ensuring a Reliable Water Supply for the City of Boulder

Kim Hutton, water resources manager for the City of Boulder, reflects on what it takes to provide water for Boulder.

Benny Shendo phone

Building Partnerships Across Colorado

Benny Shendo joined CU Boulder full-time as its first associate vice chancellor for Native American affairs.

Illustration of a person sleeping

Should Your Child Take Melatonin?

CU Boulder study says long-term effects and safety of the supplement are unknown.

solar eclipse

Campus News Briefs: Spring 2024

Solar eclipse, benefits of yoga, historical research on tea and more.

the Mahaffy Cache

The Mahaffy Cache

In 2008, landscapers dug into the ground of Patrick Mahaffy’s backyard in Boulder. They unearthed 83 stone tools that were about 13,000 years old.

Alienware Gaming Lounge

A First-of-Its-Kind Campus Gaming Lounge

​​CU Boulder and Alienware, Dell Technologies’ gaming brand, opened the university’s first dedicated esports and gaming lounge on campus Jan. 25.

Los Seis de Boulder memorial

Honoring Los Seis de Boulder

This May marks the 50th anniversary of the Los Seis de Boulder tragedies, which remain unsolved. In 2019, Jasmine Baetz designed a sculpture in memory of the six killed.

triceratops skeleton

A Triceratops at CU—A Piece of Colorado's Past

In January, the CU Museum of Natural History unveiled a full-scale Triceratops in the lobby of the SEEC building on the CU Boulder’s East Campus.

Forever Buffs Washington DC

CU Boulder Chapters and Clubs: A Way to Engage

Several CU chapters and affinity-based clubs are located around the country. The groups hold events such as football and basketball watch parties, volunteering opportunities and networking events.

CUPD Officers

It’s a Family Affair: Mother and Son Serve Together as CU Boulder Police Officers

A shared passion for community service draws two generations to the same career, on the same campus.

water in the west

A Solutions-Based Approach for Western Water

Far before the university’s earliest days, the natural landscape—and water, specifically—has played an important role across Colorado and the West.

Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Janine Davidson

Janine Davidson: Bringing Leadership Lessons from the Pentagon to Colorado

Janine Davidson is president of Metropolitan State University of Denver. Before transitioning to a higher education career, she was appointed by former President Barack Obama as the 32nd undersecretary of the U.S. Navy.

Olivia Omega

Olivia Omega Is Unlocking Doors for All Students

As senior director of marketing and communications at the Denver Scholarship Foundation, Olivia Omega is an inclusion and diversity advocate within higher education.

Kenzie Reichert

The Impact of Improved Hearing

Kenzie Reichert is an audiologist raising awareness about the connection between two conditions: hearing loss and dementia.

Forever Buffs Tokyo

Global Ambassadors Program Helps Students, Faculty and Alumni

Program held a successful event with the Japan alumni chapter in January.


CU Women's Soccer

Soccer Returns to NCAA Tournament

Buffs won multiple do-or-die matches to make it to the postseason.

Coach Prime

Sports Briefs

Women's golf head coach Anne Kelly retiring, Coach Prime as Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year and more.

Hanna Abrahamsson

Segging Her Own Way

Nordic skier Hanna Abrahamsson entered this season as a three-time 1st Team All-American and a 2nd Team Academic All-American.

Larry Zimmer

Remembering Larry Zimmer

Larry Zimmer served as “The Voice of the Buffaloes” for 42 seasons